Analyzing the Usage Cost of Printing

Over half of the cost of many business documents is attributable to the time and effort involved in actually using the printed piece. While there are a lot of soft-dollar costs involved in these calculations, the best way to save money on printing is to not print in the first place. There have never been so many communication alternatives available to you and your organization. As your partner, Clarity is committed to make sure that we support you with systems that help you take advantage of them.

How Much Can I Expect to Save?
Clarity starts by providing a no-cost study of your organization’s printing expenditures. If you are buying your printing, we determine what you are buying, who are you buying it from, and what are you paying for it.

If you are producing your own printing in-house, we help you determine if your costs are in-line with industry averages. We analyze the efficiency of your operation as if we were analyzing the profit and loss of a privately held print shop.

After completing our study, we provide you with a proposal that clearly defines the savings that are possible and establishes performance benchmarks on which our compensation is based. The average savings is between 25 and 35%.


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